Top Super hero movies to watch with kids!

It’s the era of Marvel and DC heroes. They have quite literally taken over the world by becoming the favorites of people across the world. Here we are sharing few of the top Super hero movies to watch with kids. They uphold the virtues of justice, honor, courage and compassion which children of this generation can inculcate in themselves.

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a movie based on the DC Comic character. It is a movie starring Gal Gadot. She plays the role of Wonder woman. This movie portrays Wonder Woman as the sole female lead. She fights against evil to restore peace in the world. It won’t take much long before your kids become hardcore fans of this fantastic female super hero.

2. The Incredibles

The best part about this movie is that it has more to it than just typical save the world positivity. It’s the story about a family trying to balance their individual lives with their love for one another. Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash and Violet are the main characters in this movie. This movie also portrays the importance of family in one’s life.

3. The Spider Man Movie Series

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Marvel presented spiderman as a real person- like he is one among us. He is humble selfless and dedicated to helping others. There is a series of Spiderman movie, anTop Super hero movies to watch with kidsd each one of them undoubtedly draws a line between the good and the evil.

4. Big Hero 6

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Disney’s Big Hero 6 puts across the motto of doing all that you can in order to help the needy. Hiro and Baymax along with their other friends set out on a mission and defeat the evil. This movie also has a very sensitive and light side to it unlike many other super hero movies.

5. The Dark knight movie series

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The Batman by the DC Comics, is a set of rare and wonderfully made movies. This movie series offer your child another world. But with out any doubt we can say that this movie is definitely one of the top Super hero movies to watch with kids.

6. The Superman Movie Series

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It is an instant classic and a fabulous Superhero movie for the entire family.
The movie portrays an awkward, nerdy news reporter who was secretly a super hero.The theme of good’s  triumph over evil. Superman is a truthful, caring, and productive member of society.

These are a few Top Super hero movies to watch with kids . Hope the fantasy world these Superheroes create is of ample fun.

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