7 Amazing Animated films to watch with kids

Animation movies can help children to gooutofbox. Animation movies are so creative, fun filled and entertaining. Such movies are also filled with colours and wonders. You won’t regret taking time out to watch these with your little ones. Go through this 7 Amazing Animated films to watch with kids.

1. Frozen

Animated films to watch with kids- 1. Frozen movie poster
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The journey of Anna and the snowman Kristoff along with their reindeer. Frozen is a journey to find Anna’s sister and the movie is very good for children. There are  lot of fun, magic and entertainment in this movie. Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris buck..

2. The Lion King

Animated films to watch with kids 2.Lion king movie poster
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The second movie out of the 7 Animated films to watch with kids is the lion king. This Disney animation movie is about the adventures of Simba. Children will definitely fall in love with the character  Simba. Another thing the movie speaks about is the return of young Simba to reclaim his fathers throne. The story also has a lot of values children can inculcate, about life and death , depression,guilt ,how not to dwell on to your past , and how to face your fears and not run away from it. Finally the initial release of this movie was in 1994 and even now children and adults love to watch it!

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3. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo movie poster
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Finding Nemo is a movie directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkirch. The story revolves around Marlin, Nemo and a blue reef fish called Dory. The story also speaks about Marlin’s search for Nemo along with Dory who has  short-term memory. Likewise the movie Portrays the beautiful bond between a father fish and his son, it is an extremely endearing movie to watch. Similarly this movie is the 10th highest grossing animated movie of all time and will be a brilliant choice  for you to watch along with your children.

4. Aladdin

Animated films to watch with kids 4. Aladdin movie poster
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The movie is inspired from the famous book “The Book of One thousand and one nights” . The movie talks about the story of an urchin, called Aladdin.Genie, is Aladdin’s crazy friend, who teaches us a lot of life lessons , like being honest, values of friendship, and also many other magical things. Also the story of aladdin is a world famous story and this Disney movie is a visual treat for childrens and grown ups as well.

5. Shrek

Animated films to watch with kids 5. Shrek movie poster
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The movie talks about the rescue of princess Fiona by Shrek along with a donkey.More than everything this movie has been able to successfully bring forth the importance of inner beauty and also the futility of posterior beauty.

6. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters INC. movie poster
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”Monsters, Inc.” is cheerful, high-energy fun, and like the other Pixar movies, has a running supply of gags and references aimed at grownups. Hence it can be a good choice for children and their family as well. This movie is also worth the watch and is a story revolving around  morality.

7. Moana

Moana movie poster
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Moana is the story of a teenager who is very adventurous, Similarly the film’s messages of striving to make your mark, along with dreaming your dreams and overcoming your obstacles are equally familiar. Those themes definitely reinforce the film’s upbeat and also the unmissable girl-power.

Watch them all with your children and it is going to be a wonderful magical and learning experience for them. Also ask them what they are feeling about the movie and give them more to watch. If you liked this article share it with your friends and follow us. Lets not only teach our children the morals but also friendship values and many more. Similarly, we have many quality articles for you and our kids in our portal, read them all and let us know your valuable feedbacks.

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We hope you enjoyed a good read . Thank you so much and all the love to your children.



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