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Stand up comedy: – Subhashish Bharuka-A booming star in the stand up comedy space!

Stand up comedy is an interesting field of exploration today. The most interesting thing about the present generation and the upcoming generation is that we are more purpose seeking. In our journey to find gooutofbox influencers we found this amazing person. His name is Subhashish Bharuka and he is a passionate and booming stand up comedian. His story is interesting , amazing and more than that it will be an inspirational story to all those who love to follow their dreams and passion.

1. Hey Subhashish, your journey is really amazing. Can you please tell us when did you start doing stand up comedy and a little bit about your stand up comedy journey?

I was 7 when I first got on stage at a fancy dress competition in my school. Got the first prize and lot of appreciation for impersonating a scarecrow. Lol. Cut to 2008 when I performed at a company’s annual event and then at the Summer ball during my masters in Leeds University Business School. It’s a high. After a few years in July 2016, I did my first open mic at Urban Solace in Bangalore. It’s been an amazing and fulfilling journey so far. It’s a learning everyday and will continue to do so.

2. Great things never come from comfort zones.What inspired or motivated you to become a stand up comedian?

My life overall. But mostly marriage, family life, education and now my kids. 🙂

3. We know that making people laugh is one of the most toughest things to do. How you manage that and how you find topics to express your thoughts?

Absolutely! But thanks to the stressful life today. The audience is looking to leave all the stress behind and come to watch a live comedy show. It’s how I establish a connect with my stories and their daily lives. Content is all around us, I work on identifying a funny incident, taking that and exaggerating it to bring in humor which is relatable to the audience. It’s indeed one of the toughest jobs to do.

4. Have you ever had any bad experiences on stage? How you overcome them?

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Oh yes. I wouldn’t call it bad experiences but stage is where I am always learning. There are both good and bad days for a comedian. Especially, when I think a joke a funny in my head but when I put it out there and the audience does not relate it, it simply falls flat. That’s called BOMBING!! To overcome that, I go back to the writing book and rewrite the joke to try it again at an open mic till the time, the audience starts to respond with laughter.

5. What is your take on social media’s? Are they good or bad?

Social media is a perfect amalgamation of organised chaos. I think Twitter has become the frustration venting tool. Else, social media is the best thing to happen to wo(man)kind.

6. How you manage your profession and passion? Is that possible to do both?

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For passion to become a profession, you need to strive to get better at it everyday. For me it’s surely a challenge as I have various responsibilities and duties towards my family however I make sure do attend at least 2-3 open mics a week to try and get better at the art form. And if it’s your passion, you just do it and make it work.

7. Its every person’s dream to gooutofbox. What are your advises to students who aspire to become stand up comedians?

Once you’ve figured what you aspire to achieve in life, you’ll make it in any field. There’s no shortcut to success and especially Stand Up Comedy. Everyone must walk miles before you see light at the end of a tunnel.

8. Who is your most favorite stand up comedian?

The list is endless. Among Indian Comedians – Kannan Gill and Sumit Anand Global – Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, Aziz Ansari, Dave Chappelle

9. One book which inspired you the most? and recommend us a few books which you love 🙂

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10. How you see yourself in the future stand up comedy space?

That stage, mic, and laughter from the audience is what gives me the ultimate adrenalin rush. It’s for me to keep trying to get better at my art everyday. Future is too far. I like to live in the present to make it work for me.

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  1. Always wanted to know and dig into the stand up comedians life and journey .Always loved the way you deliver things .. Very inspiring personality 👍🏻

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