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Delivering Childhood on the Christmas Evening

Delivering childhood is not an easy task. Last year In we decided to conduct a program for children.

Children are always special and always curious about the things which happens around them. We wanted to know how they feel when they get a surprise gift from Santa Claus on the Christmas evening, so we named our program #Surprisewithsanta.

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Conducting the program was a little challenging to us, but the help of parents helped us to execute this very well. There are many things you learn by conducting such an event.

Every child we visited were so much special in their own way and they showered us with so much love and happiness.

If you watch our video of #surprisewithsanta you will clearly understand this. 😀

Click here and watch FULL Video of #Surprisewithsanta

There are many amazing qualities we can learn from the little one’s. A few of them are

Children Always Stay Curious

This quality is amazing. You have to stay curious with what is happening in your life. When we visited a few kids, they were just wondering about what is happening around them.

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They saw us dancing, Santa Claus Coming and Making them happy, dancing with them, Delivering gifts to them. But their curiosity helped them to stay close with us and enjoy #Surprisewithsanta

Honesty is the best quality

Children always stay honest. They express what they feel with out thinking twice. If you give them a gift, in return they will shower you with an amazing smile and a lot of happiness. We cannot see any children Worrying so much about something because they show their honesty and express themselves in the most adorable way.

Delivering Childhood

Our team enjoyed this a lot and we must say we were restless from the morning till late night. We planned, Arranged gifts, Packed them well, and visited each children with full of energy. I think the only thing fueled us was a strong aim we always keep with us. “Delivering Childhood”.

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Delivering Childhood

But after finishing the event we got really amazed by one thing. We got a lot of messages from the parents and kids. A few of them send us some voice messages too. One of the voice message we received we used at the end of our #surprisewithsanta video.

Delivering Childhood

Another interesting thing happened was a message from a parent. Everyone got happy after reading that wonderful two lines. She said “Thank you so much for making our kids happy”.

Delivering Childhood gooutofboxcom

This made everyone happy because that was the only aim we had. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful Journey. Lets keep our hands together and deliver a wonderful childhood to our children.

Thank you so much

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