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Disposal of diapers : How to dispose diapers?

Disposal of diapers is one of the most challenging tasks usually parents face. In a month parents purchase a lot of diapers and we have the responsibility to dispose them in a very proper way.

This article is all about disposal of diapers and different ways to dispose them properly. Some people use the the cotton or cloth diapers but normally we use disposable diapers due to various reasons. Which are the convenience to use, and the easiness to wear them. But if you dispose these diapers in an improper way, then it can cause many health issues in the long run. Its always better to dispose the diapers in a way, in which it doesn’t affect the health of the general public.

Disposal of diapers : Health Risks

When you throw the used diapers in public places, then please think about the sanitation workers out there. There are many bacteria and viruses present in the human excreta. A few of them are, 1. E.Coli, 2. Hepatits, 3. Salmonella, 4. Polio, 5. Gastro-intestinal viruses and many others. All these viruses are dangerous and can cause many health issues.

Disposal of diapers : Dealing with the bad smell

Another important issue we face is the smell of the dirty diapers. But there are certain ways you can try to avoid the smell of dirty diapers inside your house. A few of them are,

  1. Use essential oils- When you dispose your dirty diapers you can use some good smell perfumes to get rid of the smell. Jasmine, Lemon, Rose or Citrus smells are very good to use.
  2. Proper cleaning- If you normally put the used diapers in the trash, there must be little smell here and there. You can get rid of this by cleaning the trash can with some water and vinegar in it.
  3. Open the windows- This is very important if you normally put the dirty diapers in the trash inside your home. Open the windows and let the smell go out of your living space.

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Disposal of diapers : Clean the diaper before you dispose them

Once you remove the diaper from the kid make sure that you put the waste in them into the toilet before you put it in the trash or disposal places. Once you do this make sure that you clean them and sanitize your hands and skin using a proper cleaning agent. This can help to avoid the smell at the disposal places.

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Disposal of diapers : Where can i dispose the diapers?

This is a very challenging task when you deal with diapers. We can see many people throwing them out of their houses, or in public places. This really cause trouble to people and the environment around us. If we throw our used diapers outside or in public places then we must understand that no one is going to clean our waste for us. In such situation you need to think clearly about finding a place where you can dispose them. Its always better to keep a bag separate for diaper disposal and dispose it in an appropriate way. You can either dipose them at your own place or find out public disposal places.

Disposal of diapers : Burning them into ashes

Diapers are made of many chemicals and elements and burning them can emit poisonous gases. So burning diapers into ashes is absolutely not a good idea to do. This can cause harmful health issues to the people around you. So beware before you burn diapers. There is always a way to dispose them properly.

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