Happy parenting rules!

In we are always on duty to find the best for our parents and children. During such a search we arrived at an interesting topic. Which many of us have gone through before. ‘Expectations!’

There is a quote in the famous children’s comic book Calvin and Hobbes, In which Calvin says “I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep everyone’s expectations”. We all tend to have so many people in our life who keep unnecessary expectations on us. Serving to fulfill these expectations might put us in a never ending rat race.
Hence, to be happy, it is always better to follow one’s heart.

We can find plenty of examples around us related to this topic. For example, take a look at the upcoming generation. We can see that they are going to be the most advanced generation of all time. Thus we need to prepare them to follow their dreams and passion without any fear. If we understand this and give them the freedom to fly, it’ll be the best gift we can offer our children.

Here we are discussing how to be a happy parent and and how to support our children in their pursuit for happiness and success.

Handle their thoughts carefully

‘He doesn’t study well’, ‘You can’t do that’, ‘You are not good at this’ these are some of the many discouraging terms wielded at children.We need to understand that, whatever we impose on them is going to reflect in this world, and ultimately in the future. If you pressurize them in a negative manner, it will effect their confidence and self esteem.

We all know that future is filled with possibilities. A bad mathematics student has a plenty of options and technologies to become a better student. So instead of finding the mistakes and complaining always show them the opportunities and possibilities.

Expect generation changes

There are big changes in the thought process of each generation, but sadly we forget this and expect them to be like us. Just give this a thought : What happens when we force the next generation to be just like us? They start pretending to be someone they are not. Instead show them the moral and ethical side of things and let them evolve by themselves. Let them make mistakes, always remember “No mistakes, no success.”

Change is inevitable in this world and everything around us changes swiftly. Hence let the future generation change and learn, once we do that we can witness miracles.

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