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Image of Black hole captured by scientists! Read the amazing story here!

Recently everyone in the world were looking into one wonderful miracle. The image of black hole. We all studied about what a black hole is. But we couldn’t see any image of black hole during our academical time. But this is one of the most historic moment to the world, that the Image of Black hole captured by scientists!

What is a black hole?

According to nasa ” A black hole is an area of such immence gravity – that – nothing, not even light can escape from it. Black holes can have tens to millions times of the mass of our sun trapped in a point smaller than the tip of a pin also Some black holes trap more and more material as their mass increases.”

According to Becky Smethurst, and astronomer from Oxford university ” A Black hole collects matter and grows up by eating it up” Like that there are many studies and observations going around this phenomenon. Now let’s have a look at how astronomers captured the image of a black hole.

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The image is captured with the Event horizon telescope. This is a network of 8 telescope spread around the world and functioning as one single receiver. Similarly You can look at the image here and it shows the point of no return. At this point the gravity of the black hole is extreme and anything enters inside it cannot escape.

image of blackhole
Image :

The telescopes combined to capture a sharp picture of the black hole. The black hole is located more than 50 million light years away from earth and in the heart of a giant galaxy called Messier 87. And it contains a mass of 6.5 billion suns.

There are many sources on the internet which talks about the black hole. We hope you loved this article. We will come up with more soon. Please let us know about your valuable feedback and suggestions about us.

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