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3 tips on Pet care :How to raise a well adjusted dog!

How excited are you about the new member of the family? We know you love your dog and can’t control your excitement. But sadly being a puppy parent is not all cuddles and games of fetch.

Pet care comes with a lot of responsibilities. Thus in order to have the best experience as dog owners, new and experienced dog owners alike should freshen up on etiquette.

Here we are discussing 3 important tips on How to raise a well adjusted dog.

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Training ( Pet care tip 1)

Puppy pug inside blanket. Pet care with
puppy parent pug in blanket

When you look into how to raise a well adjusted dog. We can say Dogs, being a separate specie themselves have their own natural instincts and special needs.

When we bring a dog or puppy into our homes we are asking them to change much of what is natural about their existence. Hence in order to bring out the best in them, we need to train them in a ‘dog friendly’ manner.

It is also necessary for us to educate ourselves regarding their needs so that we can accommodate them.

Socialization (Pet care tip 2)

Child playing with puppy. Pet care with
Kid playing with puppy

The age window for socializing in dogs starts around 3 weeks of age and closes between 16-20 weeks.

Hence, when a dog does not get proper socialization in this time period, they can become fearful and /or aggressive to other dogs and people.

Good health includes early socialization. Thus early socialization has the greatest effect on a puppy. It can shape him into who he will be as an adult.

The Right Nutrition (Pet care tip 3)

Puppy trying to eat biscuits on table. Pet care with

Nutrition is a critical component in dog wellness and behavior. Hence what you choose to feed your dog is not a decision that should be taken lightly. But don’t worry.

You will reach the right diet decision for your dog through a combination of research and consultation with your veterinarian. Briefly, there are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing a healthy diet for a dog.

One being home prepared and the other commercially available. Within the home-prepared diet category there are home-cooked and raw feeding options.

And within the commercially available diets category there are a wide variety of canned foods (of all quality levels) and some pre-made frozen raw diets too. Make sure not to overfeed. And at the same time as canine obesity is on the rise and its equally bad for your dog.

We hope you loved our tips on how to raise a well adjusted dog. Email us your feedback and interest. We will come up with more. Thank you so much.




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