4 Amazing Places to visit in Kerala with kids!

Places to visit in Kerala with kids can be a wonderful thing to know if you have kids in family. In every family especially moms love to travel and explore places. Every women go through a totally different phase once they get pregnant. Then they have to take care of home, children and many other things. Most of them love to travel with their kids when they get holidays from work and also from life. Following here are a few beautiful must visit places in Kerala, where you can travel along with your kids.

Thekkady is definitely one of the amazing Places to visit in Kerala with kids

Places to visit in Kerala with kids 1. Thekkady

First lets have a look at the largest wild life sanctuary in India. Secondly this place is located in Idukki district. If you love nature and beauty then this can be a wonderful destination for you to travel. Similarly with no doubt we can say this place is one of the best Places to visit in Kerala with kids.

Main attractions

  • Periyar national park – 16 KMS from the city
  • Periyar tiger trail- 2Kms from the city
  • Bamboo rafting – 1 KMS from the city center
  • Thekkady Lake – 5 KMS From the city center
  • Green park – Ayurveda & Spices plantation- 3KMS from the city center.

Athirappally Falls

Places to visit in Kerala with kids 
2. Athirappally Falls

If you want to see the largest waterfall in india, then without a doubt book your tickets to Athirappally. Athirappaly is situated approximately 32 KMS away from Chalakkudy. Also This place is perfect for Nature lovers, Photographers, Adventure enthusiasts, and also for Picnickers. You can also see a large variety of Plants, Birds and many other natural things here. Finally the visiting time here is (8 AM to 6 PM) in the day time.

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Things to do

  • Explore the nature
  • Bird watching
  • Amusement parks around
  • Sholayar hills


Places to visit in Kerala with kids 3. Aleppy

As we all know Aleppy is known as the Venice of the east. Similarly every year there are many people from around the world reach Aleppy. You can also rent houseboats here and spend amazing time with your family in the river. Once you visit this place it is a promise that you will love to come back here again.

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Things to do

  • House boat tours
  • Explore the beaches and sunset.
  • Ayurvedic Spa
  • Witness the snake boat practice sessions
  • Authentic and tasty seafood (Homemade)

Shankumugham Beach

Shankumugham beach
Shankumugham beach

If you are a person who loves beaches, then consider Shankumukham beach for your next travel. This beach is situated besides the western side of Trivandrum district. Also if you wish to witness an amazing sunset with your loved ones then plan a visit on a weekend.

Main attractions

  • Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple
  • Kuthiramalika Palace museum
  • Kanakakkunnu Palace
  • Hawah beach
  • Aruvikkara (22.7 Kms from Shankumugham beach)

Pack your bags and enjoy these wonderful places with your kids and family. Finally Please let us know about your valuable suggestions, feedbacks and everything. Thank you so much.

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