Public speaking preparation for school? Here are 11 wonderful tips for you!

Having a hard time Preparing for public speaking in school? Having jitters thinking about facing an audience for the first time? Don’t worry. Here are some tips that are sure to help you nail your speech.

Having a hard time Preparing for public speaking in school? Having jitters thinking about facing an audience for the first time? Don’t worry. Here are some tips that are sure to help you nail your speech.

Picking the Subject

First things first. Choosing the right topic is extremely important in public speaking. Also Always make sure that you pick a topic that you really care about. For better results always choose a topic that is close to your heart. Therefore this tip is definite to make the process much easier

Organize the Speech

A talk or speech mainly contains three parts; an introduction, body and a conclusion. This format gives structure to your speech. So always make sure that you structure your speech neatly. Above all this not only provides clarity to your speech but also it helps to be understood by the audience.

Watch yourself

Make sure to practice your public speaking in front of the mirror. This way you can also improvise on your facial expressions, body language and other gestures. Similarly These factors play a significant role in delivering an effective speech. This trick is sure to boost your confidence.

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Develop your own style before public speaking

Don’t forget to work on developing your own style as a public speaker. Once you blend your own personality into your speaking style you will start feeling much more confident in front of your class. In addition, this tip is sure to make you stand out.

Refrain from talking too fast

What happens when you talk too fast? Speaking too fast tends to mess with your breathing pattern. Hence feeling short of breath can make you panic and be prone to fear. So, always make sure to maintain a normal pace while making a speech. Don’t forget to take deep breaths once in a while.

Public speaking by a child

Try telling a story

Try narrating a story as a part of your speech. Stories are a notably effective method of attracting the audience’s attention. So whenever possible, try using stories to accentuate your point. This trick is sure to do wonders.

Watch inspirational public speaking videos

Watching eminent personalities make their speech is sure to boost your morale. You are sure to get inspired by listening to the iconic speeches made by Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and others. Don’t forget to take notes watching these revolutionaries speak.

Try to avoid filler terms

Avoid filler terms such as ‘like’, ‘and’, ‘well’, ‘you know’ and many more. This conveys lack of confidence or unpreparedness. Thus always try to avoid these words while making a speech. In fact, it is okay to take a pause or remain silent rather than mumbling these terms continuously.

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Use the adrenaline rush effectively

You are sure to feel an adrenaline rush while facing an audience. Instead of succumbing to it, try to take the maximum advantage of the adrenaline rush. Chanel this energy into giving an impassionate speech. This trick can be used as an effective trick to move the audience.


A cheerful face is a symbol of confidence. Face the audience with your best smile. Try to maintain this pleasant energy throughout your speech. A smile can also send across a message of warmth and instantly makes the audience more comfortable with you. Hence, a smile gets half the job done for you.

Practice, practice and more practice

Now let us come to the most important trick of them all. As the old going says; practice makes perfect. And most definitely there is no other way about this. Only practice, practice and added practice can make you an expert. So no matter what, always say yes to practice.

Keep all these tricks and tips in mind and watch yourself transform into a remarkably confident public speaker.

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