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Fitness: The importance of fitness in everyday life, by Reebok crossfit L1 trainer Sreejith

Fitness is an important part of our life. One of the main lessons we should teach our children are the importance of fitness in everyone’s life and we should keep on reminding them that “Health is our greatest wealth”. In the search for gooutofbox influencers we found this fantastic person. His name is Sreejith and he is a Reebok CrossFit L1 trainer, An expert in Yoga and many other forms of fitness training and also a passionate fitness enthusiast. This article is all about the importance of fitness and how to follow your dreams. This article also reminds us about the importance of fitness in children.

1. Hello Sreejith, We have gone through your social media profiles and its really fantastic. Can you please share us your journey in fitness?

Hi..there is a story behind this. I was an active kid when I was in school.After completing my +2, I wanted to join the Indian army. That was my dream, and I started preparing for their Physical fitness test.

Every morning I used to woke up early and go for running, push ups,pull ups and other exercises. But my father wanted me to become a doctor. I had to refuse that advice and i kept going behind the preparations to become an army man. I attended a couple of interviews and I was perfectly fit, but unfortunately I could not join the army because of my height.

I had to leave my dream, but by that time fitness became a part of my life. After the graduation I joined in a gym and started bodybuilding, ths helped me to attend a few competitions and I realized that focusing on fitness can help you to have a discipline in your life.

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You will be careful on your diet, sleep, habits etc. More than that people always respect a person who is physiacally and mentally fit, that’s interesting haa..?

Around this time I started my career as an animator and worked in different organisations in different places. But i couldn’t go to gym everyday during this time and I decided to do workout from my home.

fitness training importance in children..gooutofbox influencers yoga

I bought a few equipment’s and started workout from our limited circumstances. For example areas like terrace, stairs, racks (for doing pull ups) like that…(these kind of workouts are called Callisthenics) and I used a cycle for commuting to the office and coming back.

Later I joined for a martial arts class. I was learning Taekwondo and karate there. I got inspired by yoga and did a basic Diploma in Yoga teaching from S-Vyasa yoga University Banglore. I came back to my hometown and started yoga and functional fitness classes at my rooftop.

Few months later I got a call from Krome Calicut, the first functional fitness center in Kerala, and it was an exposure for me. so my days were like yoga class in the morning, 10-5 office and after that fitness training at krome. It was hectic to do all these things in a day. I had a lot to travel and it was tiring but I wanted to learn more and more about fitness and latest trends in fitness.

After working a few months there, I got a call from another fitness centre called Popeye ,Calicut and I worked there for six months. That was also a great experience for me and i met a person called Irfan a martial art expert. The third call was from Centro fitness. Centro was actually closer to my office and home and i decided to join with them.

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I decided to leave my job and focus on fitness training completely. I took that challenging decision in 2019 and I did Reebok CrossFit Level one certificate course. Now I am one among the three CrossFit L1 trainers in Kerala. Now Started working as a full time fitness trainer at Centro. It’s been 10 months now. And I am enjoying it a lot 😊

2. What all kinds of work outs you are expertised in and which is your favorite kind of work out?

Previously I used to do only bodybuilding apart from this I do a lot of other activities like marathon, triathlon , long distance cycling and hiking. I found functional training more helpful to acquire strength for all other activities activities.

Then I decided to learn CrossFit. CrossFit is basically functional movements with weights and cardio incorporated. By doing CrossFit your overall fitness level get improved and you will get prepared for anything. I do CrossFit twice in a week.

Another new trend in the fitness Industry is the Animal flow. It’s basically body movement workout patterns , that can improve your flexibility, spacial awareness and mind body connection. I practice Animal flow once in a week. The rest of my workouts includes weight training, Agility workouts, Explosive strength training etc…

3. Yoga is a fantastic practice for body, mind and energies. What are the importance of yoga in children?

Yes. Yoga is actually a lifestyle. It has many benefits to make us a better person from inside and outside. For children, practicing yoga can improve their health, and learning skills as well. We know that our kids are addicted to the technology nowadays, especially smartphones,video games etc., by practicing yoga they can channelize their thoughts into something good. Practicing yoga can definitely make our children compassionate, and respectful towards others.

4. We usually get inspired from people who are celebrities or from people around us. Who inspired you to become a master in fitness training?

fitness training importance in children..gooutofbox influencers

Yeah..of course! there are many who inspired me from a local farmer to the veterans of CrossFit like Mat Fraiser. When I was a kid I was amazed by the body and strength of few local people in my village. They were my first heroes in fitness. Actually our body is an amazing thing but what if our mind is weak? So everyone respects their body and mind are my heroes..😊

5. Now days people are considering fitness as a part of their life style. Do you think fitness is necessary in every ones life and we are not giving much importance to that?

We humans are made strong for survival from the early ages. Now our lifestyles got changed and the unhealthy lifestyle started to affect our fitness level also. I think fitness is a never ending part of life, till your death. So it’s our responsibility to take care of our body and mind and keep them healthy.

6. Can you recommend a few fitness training or martial arts trainings for children?

Yes. It will be wonderful if we can help our kids to be strong and focused right?? Acts like Gymnastics, yoga and martial arts can definitely help them to be strong and focused.

7. Its really difficult to make a profession out of our passion. How a person can become a successful fitness trainer? What all struggles you had in your journey?

Haha..My journey was a long journey, and I still love to learn things which are new and i am unaware. I was always passionate about keeping myself fit and also other adventure activities. Its really hard to leave a job which offers you a paycheck every month. I was doing both everyday without enough rest, I missed the days with my family. But we should sacrifice something to achieve something na?.. Now I am enjoying my work, every day I meet new people, when they shake my hands and leaves the fitness center or yoga hall with a smile on their face. That makes my day..😊

8. Do you recommend taking additional supplements while doing fitness training? Is that necessary or not for everyone?

That depends upon your goal. If you want to become a bodybuilder or an athlete you will have to work hard everyday. That means you may need more nutrients and other things than others. In that case supplements like whey, protein, and pre workouts helps you. For a normal person it’s not that necessary.

9. How you see yourself in the fitness industry after 3 years?

I still believe I am child in this industry. There are many things to learn. I am planning to start my own fitness center in a few years and i love to keep on inspiring people and let them know more about the fantastic body they have..ha ha

10. What are your advises for people who aspire for fitness training or who love to explore the opportunities in fitness training?

Learn as many things as possible. There are many certification courses available in fitness. Choose them appropriately depending on your area of interest in fitness. Like ACE, Functional fitness, yoga, personal training, CrossFit, Pilates, Zumba, aerobics, Athletic performance training etc.

We are sure this article can be a great inspiration and motivation to every one who loves fitness and an insight for everyone on how to manage your time and follow your passion. Please share, give us your valuable comments here and also share with your favourite people to whom you think this can be an inspiration not to give up on their dreams and to gooutofbox.

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52 Replies to Fitness: The importance of fitness in everyday life, by Reebok crossfit L1 trainer Sreejith

  1. Perfect writeup on fitness which briefly explain the importance of Fitness in one’s life and also different ways and programs to stay fit.

  2. That’s a great point “ those who are fit immediately draws respect”.

    Very useful interview and Sreejith is actually boosting the self confidence of people who wants to remain fit

  3. Thank you for sharing wonderful information on fitness. Never heard of “Animal Flow”. Looking forward to read many more inspiring articles on fitness from you. Keep inspiring & motivating 😊

  4. Good work , I realised many things reading through your article , nice work . Keep it up 👍🏻
    Cheers 🤘🏻

  5. Thank you sreejith for sharing views on importnce of fitness . I am truely enlightened and at the same time delighted in reading your views ..hope everyone including me instill those views into action.
    Looking forward to read much from you…

  6. That’s a great read Sreejith, not easy to give away your day job and then get into something like this. This can happen only if you have the passion in doing such things, not only that but bed great mind power to convince yourself to start something completely new and hats off to you for that. I have my own passions but haven’t dared to step out of my current job and start a career into my passion. Fitness is a real need of the hour for every citizen as the world have become lazy due to all the automations that is going on.


  7. Its been an eye-opener for me. Thanks to sreejith and the people behind these questions. I Would love to see more updates on fitness. Keep up the good work. Simple and effective..

  8. As a calisthenic enthusiast, I really enjoyed reading this. I believe more people should look into functional exercises and bodyweight movements as they are more useful to us than working out on machines.Please write more about this!:)

  9. Sreejith, your story is truly inspiring and I think you deserve great appreciation in following your passion at the cost of quitting your job. That takes a lot of courage and determination.

    Wish you all the success in starting your own fitness center and be a pioneer in this field …

  10. callisthenics??
    That was a new information that I got after reading this blog… Infact for me fitness, means the gym and the regular excersices. Never new this fitness is so wide … Thanks for sharing ..

  11. Just a small doubt..
    Body Building and Martial arts.
    If we try to go for both at a time, will that be hectic for a human to maintain the health?

    1. Hi Gokul,
      Thank you so much for following us and we are glad that you have a high level of curiosity about fitness. Body building and Martial arts both are diffrent styles. If you want to be excellent at martial arts the i will prefer you to focus more on that and do body building to increase and boost up your strength. Maintaining both are really challenging and you can do it if you can manage both in the right way.

      -Sreejith 😀

  12. Excellent article… Thanks for the share.. Whole informations are more helpful to others who have no idea about fitness. Thanks alot….

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