7 Amazing mysteries of the Teenage Brain!

Understanding the teenagers and adolescents and figuring out how their brain works can sometimes be a herculean task.

As parents, dealing with one’s child who is going through the aforesaid phase can be quite taxing.

Adolescents differ from adults in the way they behave, solve problems, and make decisions.

There is a biological explanation for this difference. Studies have shown that brains continue to mature and develop throughout childhood and adolescence and well into early adulthood.

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Often parents find it difficult to fathom the reason for impulsive and irrational behaviour patterns teens exhibit.

So before taking harsh decisions or being hard on your kids, there are various facts we have to understand as responsible parents.

But don’t worry here are some tips to effectively handle the teen tantrums

1. Don’t hesitate to ask the teenagers

Asking is always a good idea. Whenever your teenage daughter/son comes to you with a problem ask if they want you to respond, or if they just want you to listen. Make sure you listen to them without judging.

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2. Maintain humour and show empathy to the teenagers

In relatively mild situations when a teenager is being difficult, show empathy by not over-reacting. Respond with a smile rather than a frown. Learn to handle difficult situations with a tinge of humour and get on with your business.

3. Keep the lines of communication open with the teenager

Even in the worst of situations, always give your teens space to talk. You might not necessarily like what they have to say, but this for sure builts a healthy and open environment around the both of you. Making them realize that you value their opinion can infuse feelings of responsibility.

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4. Social Life of the teenager

Attraction to the opposite sex begins during puberty. Teenage or adolescence is the period during which their sexual or reproductive organs start developing.

At such a vulnerable time, it is but natural for kids to feel awkward in social situations. Don’t make these topics more awkward for your child. Be confident and rational when discussing the subject.

Sharing your experience as a teen can be extremely helpful too.

Importance of pretend play in children :

Pretend play @

5. Dealing with the Cyberspace

Coming to one of the most important scenario of this generation. The Cyberspace!Watching your teen spend a significant amount of time on their phones or other devices may tick you off as a parent.

But realise that the internet has become a necessary evil these days and your child could be involved in productive hours on the internet.

So instead of saying ‘no‘ to it, discuss how they can use their time on the internet productively and allot healthy hours for the same.

6. Educational Challenges of the teenagers

This is the time kids have a lot of educational activities and expectations piled upon them. Exactly why it is mandatory to go easy on them when it comes to this topic.

The pressure to perform academically and obtain college admissions can be stressful and make your teenager moody. Hence, make sure that you support your child’s aspirations and provide them with an environment that is calm and motivating.

7. Everyone is different

Here we come to a very important fact that we sometimes fail to realize. So naturally, something that works with one child might not work with the other. Hence in such situations, it is important to stay patient and understand their behaviour patterns and work accordingly.

So we hope you keep all the aforesaid tips in mind while dealing with your teenage son/ daughter. Always remember to be empathetic and understand what your child is going through. After all its a phase you have overcome in your life too.

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” Franklin P. Jones

(NB:-All the contents above written are researched and 100% the opinion of the author)

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  1. I think teenage is the time when one will be in a most confused and mentally vulnerable state. If the parents can’t understand and handle their kid’s confusion, there will be a gap between them. The article states a better way to communicate with the kids . Good work

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