Pretend play: What is your child’s favorite pretend play activity?

Pretend play is one of the most interesting and wonderful activity done by children. Have you watched your kids riding imaginary horses as if they were brave knights on a mission to save their kingdom? Have you watched them set up a miniature home in a tent?

Kids and the imaginary worlds they create for themselves have no boundaries. Doesn’t it build your curiosity wondering what goes through their little minds?

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Imaginative play is essentially when children are role-playing, and which are acting out various experiences they may have had or something that is of some interest to them. 

Well, systematic research has increasingly demonstrated a series of clear benefits of children’s engagement in pretend games from the ages of about two and one half through ages six or seven.

Studies have also demonstrated cognitive benefits such as increases in language usage including subjunctives, future tenses, and also adjectives. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Similarly, here are some advantages of encouraging pretend play among your children.

Thinking Skills

Imaginative play or pretend play leaves your child with various problems to solve. Through such activities, children learn to synthesize knowledge and skills.

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Through pretend play, children learn to do things like negotiation, consider others’ perspectives, transfer knowledge from one situation to another. And also they develop a plan and act on it, explore symbolism, express and listen to thoughts and ideas.

They also assign tasks and roles, and synthesize different information and ideas.

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Social and Emotional Skills

When your child engages in pretend play he/ she has the opportunity to be in ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’.

Apart from this they tend to experience and understand social responsibilities and also develop a very essential skill called empathy.

Hence your child is able to relate to his emotions as well as gain control over his behavior.

Communication Skills

Children are very quick when it comes to picking up new words or terms. Pretend play enhances vocabulary building in children which in turn helps in boosting their confidence.

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Try observing your child when he/she is involved in pretend-play with their toys. You’ll be surprised to hear terms or words which you never thought they knew.

They also learn to convey messages by choosing their words carefully. Similarly, they also develop listening skills along with excellent communication skills.

Let’s discuss a few very interesting imaginative plays your child can indulge in.

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1. Pretend play 1- Evening tea party

Kids can play with ready-made tea cup sets and recreate a scene of a tea party with their friends and enjoy. The kids also learn to make friends and communicate and share feelings with them through this activity.

2. Pretend play 2- Hospital set up

An all-time favourite amongst the little ones. A lot of kids dream of becoming doctors when they grow up, so why not let them play one while they’re still little?

This pretend-play involves a lot of learning along with fun and inculcates a feeling of care and compassion for one another among children.

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3. Pretend play 3- Police or Detective

Provide your little Sherlocks with interesting mysteries along with clues to solve. This is sure to boost their inquisitiveness and problem-solving skills.

4. Pretend play 4- Grocery Store or Super Markets

Various playing sets are available these days that aid this pretend- pay. Kids often take interest in what all adults do while they shop. This pretend- play is sure to be of great interest and fun to them.

5. Pretend play 5- Banking fun

This one is apt for slightly older kids who are learning the basics of money management. Kids can also use currencies from their play sets and indulge in a fun banking game of dealing money to one another. Hence kids also inculcate collaboration and cooperation and learn to work with other kids through this fun activity.

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